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Wheel Review: Velocity Pro-Build

Wheel Review Velocity A23 Pro Build: $600-$700 General Information: Formerly from Australia, Velocity rims are now produced in Jacksonville Florida. Complete wheelsets are built by The Wheel Department in Grand Rapids Michigan. The A23 is one of a growing number of rims available with
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2012 Durham Cycles Awards

The “SAVING DAVE’S ASS MORE TIMES THAN CAN BE COUNTED” award goes to Geoffrey Martin. Mr. Martin regularly worked 7 days a week during Durham Cycle’s first months. Magically, despite a minimal inventory (and often in spite of Dave’s protestations), we would always se
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The Sleep Cycle

I recently caught up with Justin Park, a pro-triathlete who was essential in helping develop the Durham Cycles’ fitting program. Over the past year, Justin’s training has been interrupted by hypothyroidism and anemia which, according to Justin’s most recent blog, may
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Cyclocross Approaches

The dark is beginning to encroach, the heat beginning to recede. Summer lilac is being replaced by the fresh scent of mud – Cyclocross season is upon us. Durham Cycles is proud to be sponsoring the 6th race of the NC Cyclocross season on November, 17th. It’s still a while off, b
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Moving Upwards: Why Saddle Heights Are Increasing

After two successive weekends of fittings for the Duke Triathlon Club, I’ve noted a serious trend towards excessively high saddle heights, so I’ve decided to write a quick piece about why proper saddle height is important; how proper saddle height is determined; and why tr
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Zipp 404 Firecrests

Zipp 404 Firecrest Review

by Eric Wang, The Nerdy Cyclist Before I get to the review, I want to give a big shout out to Dave and Jeff at Durham Cycles for hooking me up with these wheels to test.  If you’re in the Durham, NC area and you’re in need of work done on your bike, parts/accessories, look
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Tri/Aero Bars on a Road Bike

We often have riders looking to outfit their road bikes with aerobars for triathlon use. That’s fine, so long as the rider does not try to mimic the geometry of a true triathlon bike. Road bikes have longer top tubes and shallower seat tube angles than tri bikes–thus, when
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Women’s Specific Frames

Do I need a women’s specific frame? While it’s true that many women could benefit from a “women’s specific” frame, most companies don’t actually build frames specifically for their female customers. If you look carefully, you’ll see that, aside from some extra-small sizes, the “
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