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Every purchase of a Seven Cycles frame or complete bike follows the same 5 step protocol to ensure a perfect fit and exact execution of the rider’s dream build.

1. Comprehensive Fitting
Every Seven Cycles purchase begins with a comprehensive fit session during which we’ll take precise measurements to ensure that your bike will fit and handle like nothing you’ve ever ridden. Be advised, the fitting can take over 2 hours and will require some exertion on our indoor trainer.

2. Interview With Seven Cycles
Within a few days of your fit, you’ll be interviewed by a Seven Cycles designer who will calibrate your frame’s ride characteristics to your body and riding style. You will discuss what you like and dislike about other bikes that you’ve owned and narrow down the qualities that will truly distinguish your custom bike from any other bike on the market.

3. Fitter/Engineer Consultation
After receiving a computer aided design of your new bike based on our measurements and your fit interview, Durham Cycles will consult with Seven’s engineers to ensure that all your needs, both practical and aesthetic, are met. Changes will be made as necessary. Step 3 will be repeated as often as required.

4. Confirmation Fit
After the frame design is finalized, we’ll bring you into the studio for a confirmation fit on our size cycle adjusted to exactly match the frame dimensions of your new bike. We’ll confirm all the fine details of your bike, from pump-peg to paint, take a deposit and get your bike into production.

5. Final Fit
You’ll receive your bike typically 6 to 12 weeks after it heads to production. Once your frame arrives, it will be inspected and built by the best mechanics in the business. On pick-up, we’ll dial in your measurements and go over all the particulars of your new dream bike. Every Seven comes with complementary gear, brake, and bearing adjustments for the first year and a comprehensive tune-up at the 1 month and 12 month marks.

More questions about Seven? Contact Dave in our fitting department.