About Us

Durham Cycles is a locally owned, owner operated business. We live and ride in the community in which we work. Learn more about our mission here.

Photo: DaveDave, Master Fitter / Wheel Builder: Dave has over 30 years in the cycling industry. After many years at Metro Bicycles in NYC, Dave co-founded The Racer’s Edge in Boca Raton Florida before moving to Durham for a brief academic career. His treatise on off-brand derailleurs, Everything You wanted to Know about Sachs but were Afraid to Ask, can be found in the sub basement of Duke’s Lilly library.
Scotty, Service Tech / Touring Expert: Scotty is a multiple Moth “Pensive Stare” grand-slam winner. His secret is to visualize himself discussing the religious symbolism in Southerlands Bicycle Mechanic’s handbook (3rd ed.) with Ben Sisko over a glass of Synthehol. When not at the shop, Scotty can be found training his daughter for the anticipated inclusion of non-lethal Bat’leth in the 2024 Olympics.
Jason, Service Tech / Disc Brake Expert: The International Bureau of Weights and Measures uses one of Jason’s perfectly trued brake rotors as the world standard for flatness. Each year when he visits his family home in Rothenburg, he stops a the IBWM headquarters in Paris to confirm his rotor remains flatter than their previous measure (a sheet of graphene with a height variation of 25 picometers). Jason has never needed to make an adjustment to the rotor and instead uses his time to align the derailleur hangers on Paris’ city bikes
Dee, Service Tech / Shop Historian: Dee’s been part of the Durham cycling community longer than Durham Cycles itself. Dee began his career working for Bull City Bikes at a time when bikes were still made of steel, albums were pressed into vinyl, and child labor laws were somewhat vague. Always torn between his love for basketball and his love for bikes, Dee reconsidered his plans to return to school as the starting forward for UNC when he became a grandfather in 2021. Fortunately, that means he’s decided to stay on at Durham Cycles as captain of our mechanical team – at least until UNC starts recruiting its PlayStation 2k basketball roster.

Brandon, Manger: Unbeknownst to many, Brandon was the original choice to star in “Man vs. Wild” on the Discovery Channel. When it was discovered that Brandon had taken home one of the wolf pups he was raising for an episode of the show, replacing it with the family cockapoo, he was regrettably replaced by Bear Grylls. After losing his TV gig, Brandon returned to Durham to manage his family’s dairy farm and brew private label beer. Seeking a change, Brandon joined the Durham Cycles team, where he gets to rely on both his management and survival skills daily.

Phil, Senior Mechanic / Campagnolo Expert: Our resident hair care model, Phil no longer recommends the use of Tenacious oil as a hair treatment. The pleasant tingling sensation, he notes, is actually the first stage of the polex neuromotor syndrome, a disorder making it impossible to shift gears with one’s thumb.
Celia, Mechanic / Sales: Celia was a diesel engine mechanic before joining Durham Cycles. A foodie from an early age, Celia‘s passion for the culinary arts was almost derailed when they accidentally used a cup 0W-20 instead of canola oil during their audition for the Great British Baking Show. Realizing that the constant exposure to diesel fumes was affecting their sense of smell, Celia decided on a career change and is now a key member of the Durham Cycles team. (Incidentally, judge Paul Hollywood is recovering well – though he has not responded to Celia‘s application for the next season of the show.)

Photo: SatelliteSatellite: Chief Executive Officer
Formerly of Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption, Satellite’s history in high finance is well-documented in Lee Iacocca’s Where Have all the Leaders Gone.

Photo: StellaStella: Chief Security Officer
Formerly of savinggracenc.org, Stella can be seen keeping attentive watch over 9th street from her office window at Durham Cycles’ corporate headquarters.