Our Brands

Durham Cycles is proud to offer the best names in the bike industry. Since we have no obligation to a “house” brand, you can rest assured that we have the freedom to sell the products that we know work best for our customers. (Some bikes available for special order only.)

Marin Bikes: Marin County is arguably the birthplace of mountain bike culture and the home to one of Mountain biking’s most storied brands. While they remain best known for their mountain bikes, Marin makes the highest quality, best equipped recreational bikes around.

Yuba Cargo BikesYuba exclusively manufactures cargo bikes. It’s their specialty and it’s their passion. Each bike is designed from the ground up to work with a class-leading Bosch or Shimano mid-drive motor, providing enough power and range to replace your car for day-to-day errands.

Jamis Bicycles: Jamis is one of those small companies that is always more nimble and innovative than their biggest competitors. Best known for popularizing the 27.5″ MTB, they’re also responsible for the explosion of the “gravel bike” market with their award winning Renegade series.

Norco Bikes: Arguably the most sophisticated and comprehensive line of mountain bikes available. This Canadian brand regular tops “Best of” lists in multiple categories!

Scott Bicycles: Do you want to ride the same mountain bike as Olympic and World Champions? How about the same road bike as the winner of Paris-Roubaix? Scott bicycles builds world class road and mountain bikes for serious cyclists. (We simply do not have the space to display Scott’s diverse line of mountain bikes, but they are all available for special order.)

Univega Bikes: Assembled in South Carolina, Univega bikes out-class their competitors in the recreational market. Their hybrids are the perfect balance of comfort and durability, and their entry level MTBs are the best way to get younger riders on the trail without breaking the bank.

Batch Bicycles: Always well-equipped for the price, every Batch bike sports a light aluminum frame and intelligently spec’d components. In addition to traditional family bikes, Batch also makes some of the best E-bikes available, exclusively using Bosch motors and high-quality components.

Seven Cycles: The finest in custom craftsmanship in titanium, steel, and titanium/carbon blends. Seven is the largest custom bicycle manufacturer in the world, marrying the hand-built tradition of the world’s finest craftspersons with R&D and customer feedback on a scale not available to other custom builders. All bikes are measured and built to order by Durham Cycles.

Soma Bicycles: The coolest touring, randonneuring, and monstercross bikes around. Sold mostly as framesets using supple Tange Prestige Tubing, we build every Soma to order.

Surly Bikes: The most versatile 4130 chromoly steel bikes on the planet. Check out the Troll and Ogre for unconventional touring bikes that can handle anything you can throw their way! Special order only.

All City Cycles: Next generation steel cyclocross, adventure, road, and mountain bikes.

LEM Helmets: LEM has been making bike helmets for other companies for years, and they’ve been making motorcycle helmets under their own name since the 70s, but they only recently released “LEM” branded bicycle helmets. We couldn’t be more impressed! ALL their adult helmets are individually sized for a better fit than anything else on the market – plus, they get full points for style and value. We’ll still carry a few other helmets for variety, but LEM is now our “go-to” choice to protect your noggin.

Boyd Wheels: Handbuilt in Greenville, SC, Boyd Johnson makes some of the finest wheels in the world at prices racers can actually afford. Boyd compares his business to a craft brewery, “We view Boyd Cycling like these smaller craft breweries. We don’t have pressure from investors or upper level management to cut corners and produce something we are not proud to sell. We are driven by that same passion to have the highest possible quality while enjoying every day. There is not a day where I don’t look forward to working, I love that our designs which we have worked so hard on are making people smile whenever they hop on a bike.”

ABUS Locks: Our customer satisfaction is higher with ABUS than with any lock we’ve ever sold. Every Abus lock is made to the highest standards in Germany. The folding models are our favorites for their combination of U-Lock strength with cable-lock convenience.

Tifosi Optics: High quality, stylish sunglasses designed for cycling. Our favorites have fototec lenses which automatically adjust to the ambient light.

Feedback Sports: The best portable workstands in the business.

Other favorites: Serfas Lights and Helmets, Banjo Brothers, Topeak, Park Tools, Jagwire, ISSI, Michelin Tires, Continental Tires, Garmin Cycling Computers, Sigma Cycling Computers, too many others to list!