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Durham Cycles has fit local pros and national champions, but we believe that every cyclist can and should benefit from a great bicycle fit. Our proprietary “Fit First” system is designed to improve comfort, reduce injury, and maximize efficiency on your current or new bicycle. Each performance bicycle sold at Durham Cycles includes our Fundamental Fit.

Please note, each rider has different needs which may not be addressed by the packages below. Fittings are billed at an hourly rate and the prices below reflect average charges for representative services.

Fundamental Fit Stock Geo Fit Custom Bike Fit Progressive Fit Power Curve Fit


Diagnostic fit on rider’s current bike to maximize comfort and efficiency while reducing incidence of repetitive stress injury.

This is our most popular fit. It is suitable both for experienced riders looking to identify and address trouble spots and for new riders looking to learn cycling dynamics and get started with a safe and fast position.


Comprehensive fit to help riders identify the best available stock geometry from ANY manufacturer. The cost of a comprehensive fit can be put towards any performance bike purchased from Durham Cycles within six months of your session.


Provides all the data needed to build a custom frame. Includes traditional Fit Kit measurements refined and implemented on our Serrotta fit bike. We will work in consultation with one of our custom frame builders or the builder of your choice.


For athletes who need
to make significant changes based on their
Fundamental Fit, the Progressive Fit re-
presents charges for significant bike alt-
erations. The fit includes an “action plan” to implement alterations slowly, reducing the risk of injury by allowing the body to slowly acclimate to the recommended position. The Progressive Fit is typically spread over 2 to 4 sessions.


Mapping power against heart-rate over multiple rider positions, we determine the individual’s most efficient  hip angle. Power mapping is the only empirical way for riders to determine their most aggressive, sustainable position.

This fit requires hard, sustained efforts and is only recommended for those well into their fitness cycle.

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