Safety in Numbers

Below is the handout from our recent “Safety in Numbers” seminar. Do you have “DOs” or “DON’Ts” to add to our list? Send us an email through our contact form.

Gran Fondo Manifesto:

Group cycling is a healthy, fun, and enriching activity, but it can also be dangerous. Cyclists who chose to participate in group events should always endeavor to be attentive to their personal safety and the safety of others. At the same time, participants in such events should understand that when riding for several hours, even the most experienced cyclists have lapses in attention that can put others at risks. Cyclists should hold all well-intentioned riders, including themselves, blameless for these lapses regardless of their consequences.

DOs and DON’Ts


  • Signal all turns both visually (when safe to do so) and verbally
  • Identify all hazards in the road
    • Point (if safe to do so) and call out: “Watch… “
  • Signal changes in pace: “Slowing!”
  • Signal when passing: “On your left!”
  • Signal oncoming traffic on narrow roads: “Car Up!”
  • Signal passing traffic: “Car Back!”
  • Relay signals forward and back in the group

Hand Signals

Remember, this is no time to be shy. Speak–or shout–loudly and clearly enough for other riders to hear you over wind and traffic noise. It’s preferable to use both verbal and visual signals, but if you feel unsafe taking your hands off the bars, a loud and clear verbal signal will suffice.


  • Make unnecessarily sudden changes in pace
  • Make unnecessarily sudden changes in direction
  • Overlap wheels (“half-wheel”)
  • Take both hands off the bars
  • Ride in aerobars
  • Use your phone or any other distracting device
  • Put your hands on another rider or bike in motion



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