The Sausalito E1 is probably our favorite all around e-Bike. The 650b wheels are fast and smooth on the road, but have plenty of traction to inspire confidence on multi-surface trails. The mid-drive Shimano motor has a smooth application of power with plenty of battery life, and the Shimano Deore shifters and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes provide flawless shifting and braking. Available in both "step-over" and "step-thru" frames.

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With its internal battery and rear wheel motor, the "Fairfax E" is a stealthy e-Bike that is sporty and fun to ride. 40Nm of torque from the rear hub provide peppy acceleration, and the Shimano 8-speed drivetrain provides plenty of range for rolling hills. Finally, hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro allow for controlled and comfortable stopping power in all conditions. Available in "step-thru" and "step-over" designs.

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E-Cargo bikes are true car alternatives. With enough capacity and range to get groceries or run the kids to school, you can get your daily errands done without breaking a sweat - or sweating about finding a parking space. Cargo bikes are the next frontier in urban transit and Durham Cycles is an authorized dealer for cargo bike pioneer, Yuba. (Popular models almost always in stock.)

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Benno e-Bikes combine classic looks with modern features including premium Bosch motors, integrated lighting and custom accessories. Traditional and cargo models available. (Special order available.)

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E-Bike Designations:

The Scott Solace and Addict E-ride series are as light and sleek as traditional road bikes - but include an internal class 1 or class 3 motor. Internal cables and aero-profile frames contribute to the sleek race-ready look and performance of these next-generation e-Bikes. (Special order only.)

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Are you an adventurous gravity rider who wants a boost to the top of the mountain so you can bomb down it? Are you just getting into mountain bikes and want to keep up with your more advanced friends? Maybe you just want to stay out on your bike longer and ride farther than you otherwise could. Class leading e-MTBs from Norco and Marin are available for special order!

Class 1 e-Bikes, or "low-speed pedal-assisted electric bicycles," are equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling and that stops providing assistance when the bicycle reaches 20 mph. Generally speaking, Class 1 e-Bikes are legally allowed to ride anywhere bicycles are permitted, including bike lanes, roads, multiuse trails, and bike-only paths.

Class 2 e-Bikes, or "low-speed throttle-assisted electric bicycles," have motors that can exclusively propel the bicycle but that stop providing assistance when the bike reaches 20 mph. As the application of the throttle can be damaging to trails, some municipalities and states have restrictions on Class 2 e-bikes. Because class 2 e-Bikes can reach high speeds without any rider input, they can be unsafe on trails where the limitations of the rider might otherwise ensure a safe speed. 


Class 3 e-Bikes, or "speed pedal-assisted electric bicycles," are equipped with motors that provide assistance only when the rider is pedaling and that stop providing assistance when the bicycle reaches 28 mph. Generally speaking, Class 3 e-Bikes are restricted from bicycle trails and multiuse paths. Class 3 bikes can contribute to degradation of trails and can propel riders to speeds unsafe for their skill level or terrain.

Mid-drive bikes have a smooth and natural feeling assistance. They generally have higher performance and torque compared with similarly powered hub-drive bikes and they are generally easier to service. Since the mid-drive motor is isolated from all the other components, adjusting brakes or changing a flat tire is a breeze. Mid-drive bikes were designed from the ground-up as e-Bikes, so you know they'll withstand the rigors of heavy use. Durham Cycles sells mid-drive bikes with motors from Bosch and Shimano - industry leaders with a network of trained and certified technicians.

Hub-drive bikes represent the best value in e-Bikes. Because no special bicycle frame is needed, they tend to be less expensive than mid-drive bikes and can often be lighter. Hub-drive motors also have a "punchier" application of torque, which some riders like. Maintenance can be a bit more complicated on a hub-drive bikes, so Durham Cycles only sells traditional wheel, class 1 e-Bikes, which are the most reliable and easiest to service.