Bike Safety 202

After our last seminar at the shop, you should have an idea of the rules of the road and the etiquette of riding in a group. (Don’t worry if you missed it, we’ll run it again!) This next seminar, friend of the shop, Ryan Connolly will discuss your legal rights and responsibilities as a cyclists and how to protect yourself and family financially in case of an accident.

The discussion begins at 10:30 and will feature pastries by team sponsor Daisy Cakes! If the weather is nice, we’ll do a short ride from the shop at 11:15.

From, “The air is crisp and cool, roads are swallowed up by trees turning red and yellow, and the sun is shining. Fall begs cyclists to get out on the open road. Unfortunately, statistics show that more riders on the road equates to more accidents as well. In my line of work, I’ve seen enough incidents involving cyclists being hit by cars to make me more than a little nervous when I strap on my shoes for a ride. Sure, there are certain precautions you can take to prevent an accident from occurring (wear visible clothing, stay near the shoulder, don’t ride during high traffic), but there is not much you can do to prevent a careless or distracted motorist from hitting you….” read more here



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