Bicycle Repairs

Durham Cycles offers the most comprehensive, best reviewed bicycle service in the triangle. Whether it’s lacing a carbon rim or restoring an old three-speed, Durham Cycles has you covered with certified mechanics, fast turn-around, in-stock parts, and guaranteed service.

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What makes Durham Cycles different?

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Bicycles are complex, long lived machines. New technologies arise and disappear. New standards are invented and abandoned. From Miche to Mavic, from Sachs to Suntour to Sram, the mechanics at Durham Cycles have the tools and knowledge to work on the latest and greatest to the oldest and most arcane. (Read our “Tools of the Trade” blog.)
As bikes become more sophisticated, using advanced alloys, composites, and electronics, mechanics need advanced and ongoing training. Every technician at Durham Cycles stays up-to-date on the latest technology and best mechanical practices.
At Durham Cycles we believe everyone should be empowered to work on his or her own bike. Yes, we pride ourselves on our service, but we understand that when your bicycle is your livelihood or your passion, it is important to be able to maintain it yourself. We offer free maintenance seminars several times per year. Check out our facebook events page for details
Every bike repaired at Durham Cycles must pass our rigorous internal standards before it can roll out the door. All our work is guaranteed for 30 days.

Please note that “e-bikes” are still a developing technology. We are not certified or insured to work on all ebikes, so you may wish to check with us first by phone or email before stopping in!