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Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade, Installment 1 (Read Installment 2) Every well-equipped bicycle shop is a museum. While no historic bikes may line the walls, a mechanic’s tools record the history of the industry in their form and function. Some tools tell stories of genuine advancements in m
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Choosing an Indoor Trainer

For fair-weather cyclists like me, winter means a lot more miles logged indoors than out, so I figured it was time to do a brief overview on indoor trainers. Here’s a breakdown of the available options: Wind Trainers (Resistance provided by an exposed fan) Pros Inexpensive (gene
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Bike Safety 202

After our last seminar at the shop, you should have an idea of the rules of the road and the etiquette of riding in a group. (Don’t worry if you missed it, we’ll run it again!) This next seminar, friend of the shop, Ryan Connolly will discuss your legal rights and responsi
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Wheel Maintenance: Preventing Galvanic Corrosion

A not infrequent scenario in certain parts of the country: A customer brings a recently purchased bike to a shop to have a wheel trued and is dismayed to learn that the spoke nipples are seized and the wheel needs to be rebuilt. The customer may be understandably upset–How can t
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Installing Tubular Tires

This is the first in our winter series of tutorials covering bicycle technology, maintenance, and training. Do you have a topic you’d like us to cover? Send us an email via our contact page or leave us a note on Facebook. We’ll try to address as many reader topics as possi
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Cyclocross is back in Durham proper!

Cyclocross racing is in Durham Proper! The race is on, the details may change. Register soon at
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Bull Moon Ride and Rin

Bull Moon Ride and Run

Durham Cycles is happy once again to support the Habitat for Humanity “Bull Moon Ride and Run!”  From Habitat: “The Bull Moon event is a 12-mile bike ride and a simultaneous 5K run on Saturday,  July 27th through downtown Durham, starting at 8:15 PM.   Those of you w
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National Title

Collegiate Nationals – Live!

Duke dominated at nationals in Ogden, winning the D2 Team Time Trial and the D2 Criterium. Perhaps more importantly, the team showed remarkable depth, heart, and tact. During the crit, Duke animated the race. They took primes as easy as sprints for the county line; they drove breaks a
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Stages Cycling Power Meter

This Valentine’s day Durham Cycles was gifted with one of the first batch of Stages Cycling power meters. Below we give you a rundown of the potential benefits and drawbacks of the newest competitor in the power market and provide a real-world data comparison between the Stages
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