The Kombi E5 is our favorite bike for urban use. It's small enough to navigate congested streets and park just about anywhere, but it has enough cargo capacity for the most common daily errands. Need to carry even more and have room for a little larger bike, check out the Spicy Curry. Planning to ditch the car for good? Check out the Supercargo CL! See the Yuba website or give us a call for in-stock availability, pricing, and specifications.

Now that you've got your ride it's time to deck it out! Think about how you'll be using the bike from day to day. Is this your grocery getter? Then you'll need a basket and bags. Is this your office limo? Maybe all you need is some waterproof paniers to hold your laptop and a change of clothes. Is it your school bus? then you'll need a seat for the kids, some monkey bars for them to hold onto, and a basket to hold their books. Check out all the Yuba add-ons here.

Once you've selected your bike and accessories, Durham cycles will assemble your bike from our stock or order it from the factory to get you riding ASAP. All Yuba's purchased from Durham Cycles come with free assembly (up to a $300 value) and 1 year of free gear and brake adjustments.

Shipping, warranty, etc.