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Sponsors of the National Champion Duke Cycling Team and the Duke Triathlon Team, Durham Cycles is Raleigh-Durham’s bike shop of choice for racers and commuters alike. We provide bicycle sales, rentals, and repairs in the heart of downtown Durham, just around the corner from Duke University and the American Tobacco Trail. Unlike most bike shops, Durham Cycles is authorized to sell over a dozen bike brands – so we’ll find the right bike for you, not just the bike that’s “right on the floor.” Durham Cycles is locally owned and owner operated. Please check out our Facebook page for the latest shop updates, specials, and events!

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  • Can't say enough good things about these guys. They are a working example of why you should support your local bike shop and resist the urge to point and click for your equipment needs. They recommended a quality pump, that they use, and answered all the specific questions I had on the spot. Friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable, what more could you ask for? Thank you !
    John W, Google Review
  • I can't say enough about Durham Cycles.  I have been to several cycling shops across NC and VA and I can say that this place is where I have had my best experience and most detailed and genuine help.  They are happy to educate you, regardless of your level of experience and are more than willing to help you find something to fit your needs (not to just bring money to their store).  I recently bought a new bike from there (after coming in several times prior) and since then I have returned for help/pointers here and there.  No matter how often I come in, there is always a welcoming employee who seems happy to help.  It also made my husband and I feel valued when on return trips, both Ben and Dom remembered prior conversations and didn't hesitate to stike up a conversation.  Dave is also incredibly smart and did a wonderful job helping me decide on a bike that was right for me and did a great job fitting me on the bike.  I have never experienced such genuineness from a cycling shop.  You can tell they expect to see their customers bac
    Beth S, Yelp Review
  • Durham Cycles is an LBS that goes the extra mile.  Every time I've been in, they are very helpful and knowledgable.  I'm an sometimes mountain bike racer and have seen many of bike shops on ninth street over the past 20 years.  These guys are really upping the customer service game. I have a bike that is not available from any local dealer in need of some parts to repair the suspension.  Even though it was no real profit to his shop, Dave went well beyond what I'd expect to phone the manufacturer, explain the problem and facilitate contact to ensure that I got my bike fixed. If they take that kind of care with a customer who hasn't bought a bike, I'm thinking that you'll be in good hands if you do buy a bike.  Enjoy the amazing weather - go get a bike from Durham Cycles.
    E.F., Yelp Review
  • I love finding an excuse to stroll into Durham Cycles! Dave and the rest of the guys are nice and have been very welcoming to me. They have taken care of everything that I needed over race season, which was a lot-to name a few-tubular gluing, free hub body exchange, new cassette installation (probably should know how to do this myself by now but they didn't make me feel bad about that!), and general tune-ups. They have installed components/troubleshot problems for me on the spot without any wait. One of the mechanics also alerted me to a deep but hard to spot gouge in my carbon frame near the drop out that I had no idea was there. Dave was able to refer me to a carbon repair service that had it wrapped and back to me within a week. I could go on but I think you get the point-if you need a go-to place for bikes, Durham cycles is it.
    Sarah G, Facebook review
  • I cannot adequately express just how satisfied I am with the service I have received a Durham Cycles. Dave and the team there are top notch. They can just as easily service an experienced race-oriented cyclist as they can a complete novice. They are consummate professionals and conveniently located right on 9th Street. I just finished a ride on the new bike I bought from them, and could not be happier. Dave set me up on the bike so thoroughly that I honestly could not tell I was riding a new bike based on the fit. For those of you who have been riding for a long time, you understand what I am saying. Give them a shot. You will not be disappointed.
    Scott G, Facebook Review
  • Not sure my review helps at all, since this place already has a perfect 5 stars ;) But I don't think I've ever been treated as honestly and well as I have with Durham Cycles.  Dave, the owner, is the chillest guy around, and incredibly passionate about supporting cycling in the community. The quality of the bikes they sell is unquestionable, but what really completes the experience is the entire "package": they really work with trying to find the best bike for you, individually, rather than loading off their inventory or getting the most expensive purchase. Their service is amazing as well, and extremely reasonable compared to other local bike shops in area. Definitely one of the best parts of 9th St!
    Anthony D, Yelp Review
  • I have been looking for a road bike for a while but am new to cycling in general. The guys at Durham Cycles (especially Dave) were knowledgeable and helpful. I didn't feel like it was a big sales environment, but instead they even suggested I try out bikes at other shops before making a decision. I bought a bike yesterday after 3 visits there, and I love my bike! Dave fitted me to my bike and explained the whole process to me. They also give 3 free tune ups during the first year that you have your bike. Absolutely recommend them!
    Sarah D, Yelp Review
  • So, I'm a bit of a cycling know-it-all, but I'd been thinking there might be a little bit of value in getting my TT bike position checked over... I didn't realize how much I had to gain!! Dave at Durham cycles patiently and professionally worked through the process and highlighted some significant and straightforward improvements. Within a few rides I had more power available and my benchmark times were tumbling. Even after the session, Dave remained accessible and extremely helpful to follow-up with by email. Don't ever under-estimate the benefit of a good fit, or the skills of an experienced fitter like Dave. Forget those new wheels or aero frame this is by far the best performance advantage you can get for your money!
    Nic P, Google Review
  • I've been nothing but pleased with Dave and his team. They've repeatedly gotten me back on the road quickly at a fair price, and I've never been pushed to buy something I didn't need. I would recommend to anyone, racers and novices alike.
    Grant O, Google review
  • These guys are superb mechanics, very friendly, and perhaps most importantly adamant and vocal supporters of the cycling and bike safety community. Plus there are some pretty hot bikes in there. A must for all velophiles in Durham.
    Ehsan B, Google Review
  • I had been looking for a pretty unique combination in a bike of something high performance with an upright position. These guys were just fantastic in helping me find what I was after. They even recommended a frame they did not sell, then built it all up for me. Every single person I dealt with was very patient in answering any questions I had and would not hesitate to ask someone else if they were not sure. Highly recommended.
    Leon S, Google Review
  • Great experience buying new bike for a family member. I have not purchased a new bike in years, certainly not one from a bike shop rather than a less expensive model from a big box store. I chose Durham Cycles based on excellent reviews and convenient location. Although I had read online about different bike styles and accessories and how to choose the right size, I opted for personal service from knowledgeable, helpful individuals in thinking about keeping this one for the long-term and preserving our joints. And, that's what we got. There were plenty of models to view and test and at reasonable prices for quality (which, besides good advice and service, is what you get at a bike shop, not necessarily at a big box store). All the staff were friendly and helpful, especially Domenick, who was very patient in working with us to choose the best model and size for our needs and even explaining the physics of gearing to help with understanding shifting. There was no rush or pressure and he stayed late both times to accommodate our schedule. Choosing involved taking several bikes for a spin on two occasions and having Domenick adjust components for a good ride and even assemble a new bike for the best fit. Upon purchase, the bike leaves the store tuned up with encouragement to return in a month for a followup tuneup (or sooner if need be). All in all, we are looking forward to many days and years riding this bike and I am looking forward to returning to get one for myself. Thank you Durham Cycles and all you folks who directed us there with your reviews.
    Bob G, Google Review
  • One of the best Local Bike Shops that I've been to, by far! Owners are great. Extremely friendly and helpful. They only stock quality products and are definitely willing to help you with selection. Also, the quality of repairs and tune-ups is awesome. You can definitely tell these guys love what they do. They also do a lot to support the cycling and triathlon communities at Duke. Definitely my go to LBS. I'll support these guys over an online seller or PB any day.
    David C, Yelp Review
  • Best bike shop I've ever been to. Bought two bikes there and can't imagine going anywhere else.
    Joshua S, Google Review
  • I had a great experience at Durham Cycles recently when I went in to purchase cycling shoes for indoor cycling.I was slightly intimidated to go in because I do indoor cycling and I'm not a die hard cyclist, but the gentleman who helped me(maybe the owner?) was very helpful, knowledgeable and patient. He answered all my questions and made great suggestions. I wound up purchasing a pair of cycling shoes for less $ than I was expecting to spend that he then fit and placed my cleats for. His knowledge and expertise really created a top notch experience. I really felt that the guidance and suggestions I got were in my best interest as a customer. I would definitely recommend this business to others!
    Ashley W, Google Review
  • Durham Cycles has the best mechanics in the bizness! The single ring conversion and new derailleur worked flawless at the BHB 'cross races this morning!

    Robert M, Facebook Post
  • My go-to shop has become Durham Cycles on Ninth Street. They've worked on several of my family's bikes. What prompted this email was the miracle that mechanic Scotty just performed on my 1995 Bianchi road/touring bike, which needed new shifters. The old ones "went the way of the Dodo," he said. Owner David helped me locate replacements on eBay (I did the bidding) and Scotty installed them. Turned out the shifters were problematic and he performed several highly skilled feats to make them work. David kept me informed the whole way, asking if I wanted to keep trying. In the end, the price was still reasonable and a heck of a lot less than it would have cost to replace more parts in my bike in order to adapt to new shifter styles. Cycling has been my passion for more than 20 years, and I've worked with a lot of mechanics and shops. Durham Cycles is my all-time fave. And, no, I didn't get a discount for sending this, I just really love the place!
    Diane D, Yelp Review
  • Great service and a great staff. I cannot recommend a better place to go for parts, repairs, etc. I walked in yesterday expecting to be told to come back later (the typical response when walking in a busy bike shop in the middle of the day), and the guys there immediately helped me with the repair. They were very helpful in fixing the problem, explaining it to me, and accommodating me on short notice. Definitely five star service.
    Jan A, Yelp Review
  • These guys are top notch!! I have been bike shopping for all to long. I am debating between a road bike or a tri-bike. Each time i would lean towards a tri specific bike, David would remind me "I've never seen a tri course too flat for a road bike but I have seen many a road course too hilly for a tri bike." He also gave me some confidence about my old steel frames steed. He has saved me SO much money. They are the only shop I would give my money to. For the record, my money is getting stashed for a Felt B16 (though I may restrain myself and go for the S22). I will gradually upgrade my old road bike, I race triathlons and time trials - not road races or crits.
    'Stache L, Yelp Review
  • David & Geoff and are the real deal!  Both my partner and I ride expensive road bikes and clunker commuter bikes on a daily basis and have been to Durham Cycles numerous times to have work done and buy parts for all of our bikes. In terms of their abilities as mechanics there is no doubt that they are the best in the triangle.  They do the repair right the first time for a very fair price -- I can't say that I've had that experience anywhere else locally or anything close to it. Also, usually at a smaller bike shops like this you'll pay a steep premium on the smaller stuff (lights, chains, clothing etc....) but they are very competitive on price with the Wal-Mart's of bikes like Performance Bike ....
    Russell L,
  • I'm pretty psyched on these guys. Great service. Great attitude. Great prices. The work that they did on my bike would have cost me at least $80 dollars more at the lbs I went to outside of Boston.
    Andy P,
  • As a local business owner myself, I understand the importance of providing high quality customer service.  I have to say these guys know what they are doing!  David and Geoff have put together a wonderful bike shop complete with the smallest knick knacks to fittings that email you an in-depth look at your form and set up on your bike.  They do the maintenance on all of the indoor cycling bikes at both of my studios and I couldn't be happier!  If you need anything for outdoor riding or indoor, check out Durham Cycles. Plus! They have two sweet shop dogs to greet you upon arrival.
    Ashley, Yelp Review
  • I dropped by here because (A) the shop is really convenient - located on 9th St. between Daine's and Charlie's and (B) I'd heard great things about the guys who run it. The circumstances were a little different than most bike shop visits as I was there to get a repair appraisal for an insurance company after a bike/car accident. It only took them about 15 minutes to give me an official, written quote and they explained everything to me in case the insurance company presses for additional information. These guys are great! Oh, and they have really cute dogs that hang out at the shop. One of them is named Satellite - he's a sweetheart.
    Reed L, Yelp Review
  • This place is awesome.  These guys are laid back, professional and it's clear after being in there even 5 minutes that they are both great at what they do and love doing it!  That makes for an easy choice when looking for a bike shop. They were wonderfully lacking in "cycler's attitude" so common in other bike shops.  They were happy to explain and show what was going.  You guys rock.
    Mike M, Yelp Review
  • Very friendly and helpful staff. My first address in Durham for bicycles.
    Google User, Google Review
  • David & Geoff and are the real deal! Both my partner and I ride expensive road bikes and clunker commuter bikes on a daily basis and have been to Durham Cycles numerous times to have work done and buy parts for all of our bikes. As bike mechanics there is no doubt that they are the best in the triangle. They do the repair right the first time for a very fair price -- I can't say that I've had that experience anywhere else locally or anything close to it. Also, usually at a smaller bike shops like this you'll pay a steep premium on the smaller stuff (lights, chains, clothing etc....) but they are very competitive on price with the Wal-Mart's of bikes like Performance Bike ....
    Google User,
  • To quote a cyclist friend of mine, "Oh yeah, those guys actually know bikes." On top of that they are incredibly involved in the community surrounding cycling. It's rare that you find people so supportive of charities, local events, and enjoying every moment of it. Seeing their logo pop up all over the local Durham calendars speaks to their character and passion. Highly recommended!
    Google User, Google Review
  • I brought my road bike with formerly touchy shifting in for adjustments a couple months ago, and it's been flawless ride after ride ever since. Not sure what magic they worked, but clearly these guys know what they're doing. They also sold me an awesome set of new carbon tubular wheels and have been great about filling in gaps in my knowledge about how to maintain them. A great new local business I'll definitely continue to support. Great to have a shop like this on the scene in Durham--we've needed it for a long time.
    Google User, Google Review
  • Always willing to help. I came in to buy brake pads last week but the gentlemen in the shop showed me that most of the time rubber builds up on the rims and all that is need is a quick sanding. Saved me money and showed me exactly how to do it the next time. Great guys. Highly recommend them!
    Google User, Google Review
  • Aside from the great selection of cycling and Tri-gear Durham Cycles has packed into their shop, they have something else hard to to find anywhere else.... Customer Service. Every time I enter, I am welcomed by name like an old friend. This is the first shop I have ever let work on my treasured road bike. I am a customer for life.
    Google User, Google Review
  • Only Dave could find a pair of quality Tri shoes that fit my EEE wide feet. He special ordered them and made sure they were snug and confortable. I love them (the shoes too). Durham Cycles rocks. Check out the only triathlon-friendly shop in Durham.
    Google User, Google Review
  • Really friendly staff. I was having trouble changing my road bike tire. They changed out the tube from my Matrix frame (really hard to get off apparently) with some helpful suggestions for how to do it myself next time. Excellent shop- I will be going back with friends in tow.
    Anonymous, Google Review
  • I was impressed with Durham Cycles before they even opened their doors. I was in the market for a new bike and sent an email to Durham Cycles requesting some information. I was certainly not expecting to hear back until they actually opened for business, but literally within a couple of hours I had a response in my inbox not only answering my questions but offering to help me before their opening day. David and Jeff are the most knowledgeable cycling enthusiasts I have ever met and the amount of time and detail that they put into my bike fitting was unheard of. Here we are more than 6 months later their level of service has only grown. Thank you Durham Cycles for all that you do for the Durham community.
    Jason Van Sant, Google Review
  • I rejoiced the day Durham Cycles moved in because we really needed a full-service bike shop in our area. And I was even happier when I discovered what a great shop it is. As someone who cares much more about riding than I do about bike parts or repairs, I sometimes find shops intimidating when I need new equipment or repairs. Not so here. Geoff and Dave are helpful, respectful and extremely pleasant to work with. They also go the extra mile to get just the right parts and they price very fairly. They even replaced a tire I was unhappy with, though it was no fault of theirs. I often sing their praises to others in the area -- now I'm telling the world!
    Diane Daniel, Google Review
  • Great service, stand up guys, and a well stocked shop. Their space isn't huge, but if they don't have something in stock, they'll get it usually next day. I've been riding and racing for many years, and this shop is as good as it gets. I usually wrench my own bikes, but lately I've been dropping off my rigs here because these guys truly do top notch work at some of the best prices in town. Bottom line: Dave, Geoff and Scotty love bikes, and if you love bikes, you should know this shop.
    Eric Wang, Google Review
  • Dave saved my bike's life!! I was ready to give up on getting my bike repaired after being hit by a car. I had taken the bike in 3 times to other shops, and no one had been able to fix it. The philosophy at Durham Cycles is that a bike repair job isn't done until it's been test-ridden, and this makes all the difference in the world. As Dave explained, riding a bike puts stress on the frame that simply spinning the pedals on a stand doesn't really do, so noises/problems show up when riding that might not show up on the stand. This is exactly what I had been experiencing, and other shops don't test ride the bikes to see what's really going on. What's really going on is...Durham Cycles is the best!!
    N.L. Hanks, Google Review