Date:March 06, 2018

Marin Hawk Hill 1

The Hawk Hill 1 is the reason we love Marin. There is no reason an “entry level” mountain bike should skimp on the suspension design or geometry, yet so many bikes do. Not Marin. With it’s short stem and relaxed geometry, the Hawk Hill handles trails as well as a boutique superbike, but uses a modest component spec to maintain an “entry level” price. If you’re not so modest, the Hawk Hill 2 and Hawk Hill 3 offer the same proven suspension system and geometry with upgraded specifications.

Under the radar: Are you an aggressive rider? Drop in the included Rockshox bottomless tokens to change the air-spring curve and prevent bottoming out on those big hits.

The Bottom Line: This bike was made for Brumly Forest – more bike than the trail strictly needs, but it just makes it all the more fun. We agree with Marin’s description of the Hawk Hill as its “most playful trail bike, made for the rider that catches a bit of air off of every root in the trail, is always looking for an alternate line, and ends every ride with a smile. This is an all-around suspension bike with trail performance far out stretching the asking price.”

 *Charts are a snapshot in time and specifications are subject to change!