Date:March 05, 2018

Marin Larkspur Deluxe

The Marin Larkspur Deluxe is the perfect city bike for Durham. Exclusive to Durham Cycles, the “Deluxe” model includes all the great features of the standard Larkspur, but with fenders to keep you dry and a rack to carry a basket or panniers. Both the Larkspur (Step-over) and Kentfield (Step-thru) have lightweight aluminum frames and an upright position perfect for riding in stop-and-go city traffic.

Under the radar: Unlike most bikes in this price category, the Larkspur and Kentfield use double-wall aluminum rims and modern hubs. These features aren’t visible on the sales floor, so many companies skimp and uses weaker, single-wall rims and less durable hubs, which aren’t up to the abuses of daily commuting

Bottom line:  A practical and fun commuter bike with the best equipment in its class!