Date:April 22, 2020

Jamis Allegro A2

The Jamis Allegro A2 is sporty, due-it-all, fitness hybrid with a light aluminum frame and disc brakes. The Allegro can tick off fitness miles with ease, but it’s also got mounts for racks, fenders, and a kickstand, making it a great platform for a sporty commuter! The reflective sidewall tires help you get seen and have enough rubber to handle both pavement and hard-packed dirt.

Under the radar: A bike is more than the sum of its parts – notice the tall head-tube and steeply sloping top-tube; this design allows for a light frame with plenty of standover clearance, without having to compromise a comfortable handlebar position.

Bottom line: Far more than just a “fitness bike,” the Allegro may be the only bike you’ll ever need.