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DC now has its largest selection of youth bikes ever!

There is a big difference between Kids’ Bikes purchased from your Local Bike Shop (LBS) and bikes from a department store. The first difference consumers may notice is the price—Yes, bike shop bikes cost more. Here’s why: (1) LBS bikes use high quality materials, like serviceable bearings, not bushings which wear out fast and can’t be replaced; (2) LBS bikes are generally lighter weight and easier for kids to handle than department store bikes; and, most importantly, (3) LBS bikes are assembled with care by experienced mechanics!

Given the quality of the bikes we sell, we’re glad to take your child’s bike back in trade for up to 3 years from the date of purchase. 

The Durham Cycles Trade in Program
Trade your purchase in for any other youth bike for 3 years from the date of purchase*

Year 1, up to 50% trade-in

Year 2, up to 40% trade-in

Year 3, up to 30% trade-in

*We know kids’ bikes get scratched up! We offer FULL trade-in value for bikes with reasonable cosmetic damage! We may deduct from the value or decline the trade if the bike is determined by us to require replacement parts or is not in saleable condition.