Durham Cycles, Turtle Rescue Team!

Durham Cycles is partnering with The Turtle Rescue Team at NCSU to save Turtles this Summer!

Here’s how it works: Make a donation of $5 or more to the Turtle Rescue Team, then head over to the Durham Cycles Squad Facebook group and sign up. The person who saves the most turtles from May 1 through July 31, gets a free, limited-edition Durham Cycles/TRT jersey! (Retail jersey value is $85. All group members can purchase the jersey for $65. Portion of profits donated to TRT.*)

Here are the rules:

  • Once you make your donation, apply for membership to the Durham Cycles Turtle Rescue Squad Facebook group.
  • Post your status:
    • “Hi, I am Terry Terrapene and I have saved this many Turtles: ”
    • You can update your original post with a new turtle count at any time. (Click the arrow on the upper right of your post.)
  • Please feel free to post photos and any turtle related information or stories.
  • The Fine Print
    • This group operates on the honor system.
    • Always prioritize your safety. Do not endanger yourself to save a turtle. You participate in this activity at your own risk.
    • Read here about how to safely help turtles cross the road.
    • Beware! Snapping turtles can be dangerous. Check out the video to learn about how to safely help snappers (and all other turtles) cross the road!

If you find a turtle in need of assistance, please follow the guidelines here and contact the Turtle Rescue Team ASAP.

Turtle Rescue Team
1060 William Moore Drive
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 397 – 9675