Date:March 05, 2018

Breezer Radar Expert

The Breezer Radar is your “ONE” bike. A road bike is great for speed, but can’t carry much baggage; a touring bike is great at carrying packs, but is sluggish and can’t really do much off-road; a mountain bike can carry packs and handle the off-road, but bogs you down when you hit the pavement. Enter the Breezer Radar. The robust steel frame has tons of braze-ons to mount your gear; the 45mm tires handle trails with aplomb, and the drop handlebars and sporty positioning allow it to gobble up pavement.

Under the radar: TRP HY/RD hydraulic disc-brakes – simplicity of mechanical brakes with the features of hydraulics!

The Bottom Line: One bike that can take the place of 3 bikes in your quiver!