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Durham Cycles has fit everyone from pro triathletes to collegiate national champions, but we believe that every cyclist can and should benefit from a great bicycle fit. Durham Cycles proprietary “Fit First” system is designed to improve comfort, reduce injury, and maximize efficiency on your current or new bicycle. Each performance bicycle sold at Durham Cycles includes our Stage 1, Fundamental Bicycle Fit.

Please note, each rider has different needs which may not be addressed by the packages below. Fittings are billed at an hourly rate and the prices below reflect average charges for representative services. In many cases, we recommend an initial 45 to 60 minute fit followed by one or more 30 minute follow-up visits.

  • Fundamental Fit: $150
    • Identify proper stock frame size and current fit issues that may lead to discomfort or reduced performance.
  • Progressive Fit: $250
    • For athletes who need to make significant changes based on their Fundamental Fit, the Progressive Fit represents charges for significant bike alterations. The fit includes an “action plan” to implement a new fit slowly, thereby reducing risk of injury from rapid acclimation to a new position. The Progressive Fit is often spread over 2 or 3 sessions.
  • Custom Fit: $280
    • Provides all the data needed to build a custom frame. Includes traditional Fit Kit measurements refined and implemented on our Serrotta fit bike. We will work in consultation with one of our custom frame builders or the builder of your choice.
  • Power Curve Fit: $180 and up
    • Power mapping over multiple rider positions to determine the most efficient hip angle.

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    Durham Cycles is Fit Kit Level 3 certified, but does not endorse any commercial certification program.