About Us

Photo: DaveDave: Master Fitter, Wheel Builder
Dave has 25 years in the cycling industry. After many years at Metro Bicycles in NYC, Dave co-founded The Racer’s Edge in Boca Raton Florida before moving to Durham for a brief academic career. His treatise on off-brand derailleurs, Everything You wanted to Know about Sachs but were Afraid to Ask, remains the only technical manual endorsed by Woody Allen.
dustinDustin: Service Manager, Suspension expert
Dustin came to us from Boston, where he had been stuck in a snow drift for the previous year with nothing but a Sutherland’s Bicycle Repair handbook. After committing each page to memory, he would burn it, reveling momentarily in the creosote scented warmth before moving to the next stark, cold lesson. Since being freed, Dustin enjoys his lifelong cycling passion and can be seen on local trails searching for the best shelter in a storm.
ToddTodd: Manager, Cyclocross Expert
After developing a method for solid phase peptide synthesis in the 1980s, Todd turned to racing and baking to relieve stress. Todd’s time on the bike is limited by his ongoing suit against the Girl Scouts of America, who, he claims, stole his recipe for Thin Mints. While not in the shop, Todd can be found racing cyclocross or in the patent section of the Duke Law Library.
Phil: Head Mechanic, Campagnolo Expert
Our resident hair care model, Phil no longer recommends the use of Tenacious oil as a hair treatment. The pleasant tingling sensation, he notes, is actually the first stage of the polex neuromotor syndrome, a disorder making it impossible to shift gears with one’s thumb.
Photo: SatelliteSatellite, Chief Executive Officer
Formerly of Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption, Satellite’s history in high finance is well-documented in Lee Iacocca’s Where Have all the Leaders Gone.
Photo: StellaStella, Chief Security Officer
Formerly of savinggracenc.org, Stella can be seen keeping attentive watch over 9th street from her office window at Durham Cycles’ corporate headquarters.
Durham Cycles is a locally owned, owner operated business. The staff at Durham Cycles live and ride in our community and are advocates for making Durham the most cycling friendly town in the south.